Precious Jewel.

My name is Emily. I’m half Chinese, which is where the name “Jungbow” comes from. It’s the phonetic spelling of my Chinese name, which means “precious jewel,” or…something of the like. I’m not sure; I don’t speak Chinese. I’m a failed Asian.

I live in Milwaukee, WI. I’m originally from the awful suburbia of Chicago; I got out. I love Milwaukee.

My mom is an English teacher, so I’m an obnoxious grammar nazi. However, I still will make mistakes. Usually out of laziness. Don’t call me on it.

I graduated from Marquette University and now work for a Public Relations Firm in Milwaukee…and am gradually learning that, despite having a job that directly relates to my college degree, I still have NO idea what I want to do with my life. 

This may chronicle my post-grad life and adventures. It may just be full of my random thoughts and ramblings. It may just suck. But for whatever reason, you’re here.

So read and enjoy.


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