I’m in repair. I’m not together but I’m getting there.

It’s been a while, eh? I’ve been going through some major life adjustments and it’s caused me to realize that I really don’t like a lot of things about myself. Which, I know, is a terribly unattractive quality. But that’s what I’m trying to fix. And it’s the perfect opportunity. One major life change creates opportunities for other changes. That being said, I know I’ve talked about losing weight on this before. I may have bullshitted about my reasons, but let’s not kid ourselves. My primary motivation was that my sister was getting married and I wanted to not be a completely disgusting fat blob in all her wedding pictures. I dropped 20lbs and looked…presentable.

Me and the beautiful bride/sister!

And then I got lazy. Or busy. Let’s go with busy. I got busy, started working 60 hours/week, and made excuses. Plus, it’s always easier and more fun to lay on the couch with the boyfriend, eat pizza, and watch movies, than it is to go work out. Or so I thought. But I felt like shit…and it showed. So, now that I’m single again, I can take this time to focus on me. Which is what I need to do…which is what I had really lost in all of this.

And, in case I ever get lazy/busy again, which I’m sure will happen because, let’s face it, sometimes LIFE happens, I’m making myself a list of reasons to lose weight.

  1. Because you feel GOOD after a workout. I know sometimes it’s more tempting to stay on the couch and watch a marathon of Gossip Girl on Netflix, but trust me. At minimum, go for a 30 minute run. Gossip Girl will still be there when you get back, and you will have SO much more energy. The hardest part is always putting on your shoes. Just, GO.
  2. To feel sexy again. Because let’s face it. You’re 24 years old and avoiding relationships because you’re embarrassed of your body. That’s just…not okay. Feeling sexy = confidence, and we all know that’s what is really the most attractive quality. I don’t have to BE sexy, I just want to FEEL sexy…wait, scratch that. I want to look sexy too ;)
  3. To have the energy and endurance to run a 5k without stopping. Maybe someday a marathon, but let’s start with a more achievable one. Sure I can run/walk on the tredmill for an hour, but I want to increase the “run” time and decrease the “walk” time.
  4. I want to own a pair of shorts. I don’t think I’ve worn shorts (and we’re talking non-work out shorts) since…junior high? Even though I wasn’t overweight in high school, my body image issues prevented me from stepping foot into a pair of shorts. Nobody wants to see these sturdy, German-field-worker legs (thanks, mom.)
  5. I want to stop adjusting my clothes all the time! Pulling down my shirt, pulling up my jeans. I seriously can’t take three steps without wanting to adjust my shit.
  6. To actually enjoy going shopping. Pinterest introduces you to such cute style that does NOT look good on my frame. Leggings? Boots? Cute summer dresses? Skinny jeans? Yup. Someday :)

Anything to add? What is your motivation to get/stay healthy?


~ by etau on October 24, 2012.

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