And you say you work in the service industry?

A: I’ll have a vodka soda.

Server: Ok…uh, what kind of soda? coke…sprite..?

A: No, like soda soda. Club soda? Seltzer?

Server: Ah, ok!

[Server scampers off]

[A receives drink and takes a sip]

A: This isn’t soda.It kind of tastes like tonic, but I’m not sure…

[walks over to bar to talk to 80-year-old bartender]

A: This is just a vodka soda right?

Bartender: Yeah. Does it not taste like it?

A: I think I taste tonic.

Bartender: Nope. No tonic. Just soda. I made it a press. That’s what soda IS.

A: …No. No it’s not.


*facepalm* So that just happened.


~ by etau on December 21, 2011.

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