I think I’ve got this whole “work out” thing down…Or do I?

Today marks day 8 of my new gym membership. And day 7 of out 8 that I’ve gone to work out.

I’ll pause for your praise and applause.

Thank you. I’m pretty proud of myself too. Plus, it turns out, I actually ENJOY going to the gym. Woah. I’m sure that novelty will wear off, but until then…go me!

I’m determined to get in shape and lose weight and build muscle (seriously. If I’ve learned anything this past week, it’s that my legs are fucking MACHINES, but I have ZERO upper body strength. “What do you mean I can’t lift less than 30lbs on this machine?!” has been uttered more than once…) but now I’m running into people saying “Don’t overdo it.”

Don’t overdo it? What is “overdoing” it, exactly? My basic workout has been a 30-minute run, 30-minute bike, and some sort of weight lifting (alternating legs and arms). Doesn’t seem like overkill to me. But I’ve been given advice like “limit your cardio to 45 minutes, because if your body gets used to 60-minutes of cardio, and then you go down from there, it won’t be effective anymore.” But if you want results, you need to work hard, right?
Or saying that working out EVERY day is too much. Maybe limit it 4-5 times a week. But doesn’t most medical research say that you should get exercise everyday? And if my job requires me to sit on my ass behind a desk, then shouldn’t I try to make it into the gym everyday?

In fact, I just came across this video recently about the single best thing you can do for your health. The answer? Exercise.


So, what is “overdoing it”? I’m looking at you, runner friends and fitness fanatics.

If I want to lose weight, and I currently have the motivation and discipline to get myself into the gym every day, shouldn’t I take advantage of it? I don’t think I’m doing anything crazy like 3 hours of cardio every day and not eating. I just want to get in shape, and if 30 minutes of cardio is good and burns calories, isn’t 60 minutes better?


~ by etau on December 12, 2011.

One Response to “I think I’ve got this whole “work out” thing down…Or do I?”

  1. Honestly, I think as long as you feel good and you’re not causing any pain (besides normal post-workout soreness), you should keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re concerned at all (and if you’re lucky enough to have health insurance >_<) you could make an appointment with your doctor to see what they recommend. But as long as you're still eating and breaking up the cardio with weights (or maybe try some Pilates or Yoga too?) I wouldn't worry about overdoing it.

    So very proud of you, by the way. I'm hoping to join a gym in January to follow in your footsteps! <3

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