It Gets Better

Most people have heard about the It Gets Better Project. It’s an incredible movement to inspire hope and strength in LGBT youth. It’s a demonstration that life is worth living. It’s a project that has been joined by some amazing, successful, influential people. It’s just a phenomenal effort of outreach to young people who are struggling with their identity and struggling to find their place in this horribly screwed up world. And it’s a reminder to anyone who has ever felt depressed or out of place or weak…that life DOES get better.

I just wanted to add my voice.

Be who you are. Celebrate your individuality. Especially when you’re still in school, it seems like the only thing to do to survive is conform; push down your passions and hide what makes you YOU, and put all your energy into being like everybody else. But it is your quirks that make you unique. Take what you are passionate about and run with it. Don’t be afraid to love something and throw yourself into it. Because I promise you, that passion is what is going to make you successful. That passion is what is going to set you apart from everyone else. Don’t try to fall in line with the rest of the crowd. Stand out and don’t be afraid to be yourself. When you’re in high school, your peers may ridicule your individuality. But someday, when you are grown up and your world includes more than those four walls held, you will be praised for your individuality. Don’t lose sight of that day.

It will get better as long as you remember that being yourself is always more worthwhile than trying to be someone else.


~ by etau on May 16, 2011.

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