Hipster Chronicles

Last night I went to the Bright Eyes concert (I love you, Conor Oberst.) and found myself in a pool of hipsters (what did I expect, really?) so my BFF and I started compiling a list of what it takes to be a true hipster. Here are the Hipster Chronicles. Feel free to add to it.

Hipster Chronicles:
Article 1: the circle of irony and ironically being ironic.
Article 2: big (albiet fake) thick, plastic-rimmed glasses.
Article 3: flannel.
Article 4: skinny jeans.
Article 5: ridiculous hair. truly dumb, ridiculous, “unique,” stupid-looking hair.
Article 6: expensive hair cuts made to look like they were cheap.
Article 7: expensive hair products and time-consuming hair styles made to look like they were effortless and dirty.
Article 8: boots. combat, elf-looking, or otherwise.
Article 9: winter hats. preferably not during winter. (see: article 1) preferably with an animal on them.
Article 10: ugly christmas sweaters. preferably not during christmas. or cold months. (see: article 1)
Article 11: wolf t-shirts. or anything just as ridiculous. (see: article 1)
Article 12: PBR and American Spirits.
Article 13: fixies.
Article 14: being pretentious about ev.er.y.thing.
Article 15: indie music (but only while the band remains unknown). (see: article 14)

~ by etau on April 4, 2011.

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