I’m not necessarily one to talk politics with someone. I have my beliefs, and they’re strong, but I hate when people push their beliefs in my face, so I try to refrain from doing that to others. If you want to have a political discussion, I’d be more than happy, but again, I’ve never really been one to make much of a political statement.

However, I’m living in the midst of a huge political moment in America history. And, seeing as how MY blog will be used as a means for aliens to understand the human race in a few thousand? years, I felt the need to say something. Just a little something.

Tonight, Gov. Walker and the Republicans passed a bill to end collective bargaining, essentially union busting. They’ve been fighting what they’re calling a “budget crisis” and their previously proposed bill was meant to “balance the budget.” However, they were able to (illegally, apparently. We’ll learn more about that in coming days, I would assume) pass this new bill without the Democratic 14, by removing anything that is considered fiscal. So, if we’re trying to balance the budget, what is the point of passing a bill that has no fiscal value?

It’s because this is about politics.

So, my opinion on the matter is this. I will admit that I don’t know how to balance a state’s budget. That’s probably why I’m not running of any political office anytime soon (or ever, for that matter). But taking anyone a tax-paying, voting citizen’s RIGHTS is not the answer. Removing someone’s rights to solve another problem isn’t a solution. FIND A NEW SOLUTION. Think outside the box. Be more creative. And if you can’t do that? Well then, Gov. Walker, you’re just not very good at your job.

What upsets me the most is how uncompromising Gov. Walker is. If the people who you are directly affecting are willing to negotiate and compromise your bill, then why not give them the opportunity? This is a democracy. Of the people. But this administration isn’t letting the people’s voices be heard.

Gov. Walker has a plan. He has an agenda. And the fact of the matter is that he’s a corrupt asshole.

I lived in Illinois. I had Blago to deal with there. I didn’t really want to deal with a new corrupt governor.

The fact is that Gov. Walker hasn’t been able to pass the full bill that he wanted and this stunt is a tantrum. And @ClaraJeffery said it the best on Twitter: “You know who’s good at outlasting temper tantrums? Teachers.”

I stand with the Wisconsin Unions. I stand with the Democratic 14. And I’m proud to see people fighting for what is right.


~ by etau on March 10, 2011.

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