Love is Stronger

Last week I went to see Marquette Theatre Department’s performance of “The Laramie Project.” For those who don’t know, this play was written by a theatre company that visited Laramie six time and conducted over 200 interviews of the people of Laramie during the aftermath of Matthew Shepard’s brutal beating and murder. The play pulls at your heartstrings. It brings to light all the hate there is in the world. The play shines some light on Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist “Church.” They protested Matthew’s funeral and one of the trials for his killers. If you haven’t heard of the WBC before, their website is That should give you some indication as to who these people are. They protest anything that supports gay rights, funerals of soldiers, and other very inappropriate events. They WANT to stir up emotions so that you’ll lash out on them, and then they’ll sue. It’s how they make money. They were suppost to protest at Marquette yesterday when Judy Shepard (Matthew’s mother) was coming to speak, but word is that they never showed up. Thank goodness. They’re also supposed to protest the play itself on March 6th. I hope they don’t. The world doesn’t need to hear their words of hate.

Even though we are intelligent people, and we KNOW that what they’re preaching is complete…crap, it still isn’t something that I want to hear. The best way to combat hate-filled words such as theirs is by preaching the opposite…love. acceptance. tolerance.

The WBC might be the most extreme in this case, but the reason homosexuals are fighting for their rights is because that hate that the WBC preaches is still prominent with a good portion of this society. I don’t know if it’s a fear of something different, or a hatred of something different, but homophobia is everywhere. And it upsets me.

How often do you hear people say “That’s so gay”?? How often do you say something to them about it? “Gay” shouldn’t be used as an insult. Tell them to widen their vocabulary so they can find a more appropriate word.

This is my challenge to you. Hate is all over the world. It’s usually based in something completely superficial: skin color, sexual orientation, political views, religion. Next time you hear someone say something hateful, combat it with love. I promise that love and acceptance will win out over hate. Love is always stronger.


“I guess I didn’t understand the magnitude with which some people hate.”
The Laramie Project


~ by etau on March 2, 2011.

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