IT’S SNOWPOCALYPSE2011!!!! All I really want to do today is explore the city. Take some sweet pictures and see how everyone is doing. Unfortunately, I’m stuck inside my house on self-proclaimed bed rest. This cold is a brutal one and this cough is kind of intense. I had to sleep on my couch last night because I have to sleep sitting up :( I feel like playing in the snow today is just not in the cards for me.

I’m not sure exactly how much snow we got, but I know it’s somewhere between 5″ and 23″….uh, thanks for that exact measurement, TMJ4. (Also, see that last paragraph where someone DIED from shoveling snow?? Jeeze. Snowpocalypse really IS trying to kill everyone!) But I’d say, from looking out my window, we probably got about…18″ or so?

Luckily for those of us on Astor Street, there were some wonderful people who decided to grab their shovels and get to work. They shoveled the entire sidewalk and started shoveling cars out too! (They helped this one girl get her car out who was shoveling it out for a couple hours. She’s the one hard at work in the picture up there…)

I’m so thankful for them because that means I can happily stay warm in my house and my car will still get shoveled out. THANKS SHOVELING CREW!! :)

As for now? I sent boyfriend out to scavenge for food (It’s like the caveman days! We need to find creative means to food!) and I’m resting up so I can battle this killer cough. Meanwhile, my car waits to be shoveled out :)

Screw it. I’ll just wait for spring to come. See you all in April.

UPDATE: The 5 wonderful shoveling people quit after 6 cars. too bad my car would have been car number 10. bah. I guess I have to brave the snow, suck it up, and shovel my car out…or pay the other people who are shoveling THEIR cars out…

UPDATE #2: Heading out to shovel my car out…

It’s not as bad as some other people have it. My sister’s neighbor’s car was completely covered. He was in the process of shoveling it out when I stopped by…so far, he had his license plate uncovered….and that was it.

But it’s a good thing the sidewalks on Brady Street are uncovered!!


UPDATE #3: Snow, consider yourself defeated! My car is FREE!! :)


Also, this is probably the coolest picture I’ve seen yet of Snowpocalypse. Lake Shore Drive this morning after hundreds of cars were abandoned last night. It looks like the freaking apocalypse. I think those Mayans might have actually been onto something…

Photo Credit: @redryderent

~ by etau on February 2, 2011.

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