Yay Car! OR Boo DMV!

Yes, it is true. I bought a car. My first car! That actually belongs to ME. Not my parents who let me drive it, but ME. The title is in MY name. I’m so grown up :)

It’s a beautiful Mazda Protege and I love it. It’s nothing flashy, but it’s perfect for me. I’m not flashy. I’m not all “ohmigawd my rich daddy bought me this brand new car that I don’t deserve.” I like my down-to-earth, good condition, reliable, fuel efficient, practical, very-Emily car.

And, as most (all?) of you know, there is A LOT that comes with getting a car. And, before Tuesday, I was not really AWARE of all that. I wasn’t aware of the COUNTLESS hours (okay, so maybe like a total of 3 hours…) I would be sitting in the DMV this week. Or the boatloads of extra money I’d be throwing out. Why did no one warn me of this??

I spent Tuesday in the DMV getting a Wisconsin driver’s license. That’s right, I am no longer a permanent resident of Illinois. I think I actually shed a tear as I was forced to relinquish my Illinois license. I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, CHICAGO! *sob sob sob* But I guess I have to come to terms with the fact that I’ve lived in Milwaukee for 4 and a half years…time to face reality.

Tuesday evening I picked up the car (from the NICEST people ever. Seriously, it’s my sister’s coworker and her husband and they are wonderful, wonderful people), wrote the check, and signed the title. BAM. The car is MINE. Kind of. Still gotta clear it with the state of Wisconsin. That’ll be a BREEZE.

Oh wait, it’s the DMV. They don’t make anything easy for you. Ever.

Wednesday, I drove my butt (in my new car! *squee*) over to bumblefuck Wisconsin (okay, so it’s like South Milwaukee…not even technically Bay View, but STILL. Why can’t the downtown DMV do titles and plates??) to transfer the title and get my plates. For those of you who are following along at home, you walk into the DMV, go to the “information desk” where they “check” your papers to make sure you have everything you need so you don’t have to wait FOREVER for NO REASON, give you a number, and send you on your way to sit in those uncomfortable chairs and stare at the blank white walls that seem to glow due to the blinding florescent lights that slowly seep into your soul and kill it. (*phew*) Seriously, someone needs to break into the DMV at night and paint a colorful mural on those walls.

Well, fast forward about an hour and a half and my number is called. (hooray!) I walk to the desk, present my “pre-checked” papers, and say “give me my license plates! I have a car! Hooray! Squee!” But then…

Actually friendly and not crabby DMV lady: oh, um. I think you need the ORIGINAL letter here, not a copy…let me check with my supervisor…
Me: Okay…….
AFANCDMVL: Yeah…sorry. He said that we need the orignal copy.
Me: So, I just waited an hour and a half for nothing?
AFANCDMVL: They should have told you before you waited. I’ll yell at them for you. If you can come back today before we close, just walk right up to my window and I’ll help you right away.
Me: Oh, um. Awesome. Thanks. (cue internal screams)

However, it was 3pm and I had to work at 4pm, so, alas, my day was wasted.

Finally, yesterday, I went back (yes, 3 DMV trips in a week. THREE. My soul is officially crushed and any creativity I ever had is stifled.) I was able to transfer the title and successfully get my license plates (and relatively painlessly too!) (well, except for my wallet which is HURTING) (seriously, what is an “environment tax”??) No one warned me how much sales tax, title fees, plate fees, and the other 8 million taxes cost. I was entirely taken aback when she told me my total. Again, WHY DID NO ONE WARN ME OF THIS?

So, I, Emily, am officially a car owner! And completely and totally broke. So…who wants to pay this month’s rent for me? :)


~ by etau on January 22, 2011.

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