I’m a Big Kid Now OR Growing Up Sucks

It’s amazing what one can do with a day off of work. Especially since this is my first day off of 2011 (crazy, right? Today’s the 12th…) So today I had big plans to be productive. I never quite got around to doing laundry though…Why is it always so hard to find motivation to do laundry?? Snow + Cold + Coin Laundry is an entire block away…

But I digress.

I paid credit cards bills, got my student loans in order (okay so MAAYYBEE I was supposed to fill out some of that stuff like…a few months ago…but better late than never, right? …right?), and got my health and auto insurance in order. PRO.DUC.TIVE. It’s like I’m a real adult or something.

And let me tell you…being a real adult kind of…sucks. That’s all. I have no deep thoughts about the matter, just that growing up kind of sucks. And I know you all agree, so I don’t even NEED to elaborate anymore.

But it’s okay because I also painted my nails this obnoxiously bright blue. and my toes are neon green :)





~ by etau on January 12, 2011.

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