Oh the weather outside is frightful.

Milwaukee woke up to a nice little dusting of snow this morning. I guess it’s officially winter…


I suppose we had an uncharacteristically mild autumn, but I feel like summer is JUST ending. How’d it become winter? I suppose this is the first autumn that I didn’t go back to school, so I never had to mentally differentiate between seasons…but damn. Winter? Already?

<sighs again>

It’s a good thing I just got a new REI puffy jacket to keep me nice and warm! And new mittens handmade from old sweaters! And I just ordered this AMAZING hat!

Yeah. It has ears. Yeah. You’re jealous. I LOVE Etsy!

Luckily, I had the day off today. Which means I didn’t really have to brave the awful awful snow. (Okay, so it LOOKS pretty, but I’d rather admire it from inside, wrapped in a warm blanket.) Instead, I snuggled all day with my puppy…who was a very needy butthead today. He cried outside my bedroom door for a couple hours in the morning while I was trying to sleep off my headache (He’s not allowed in my room because I’m slightly allergic :( I feel bad leaving him to cry, but I like to be able to breathe…). He cried when I tried to leave to drive boyfriend to work, so I brought him with for a car ride. And then I brought him with when I picked Binnee up from work…because he did that adorable, sad, puppy head-tilt thing when I was trying to leave. How can you say no to that?? Now, of course, he is passed out next to me on the couch, while we watch “The Grinch.”

Can we talk about how big of a couch-hog and cuddler this guy is? :)

But now I must get back to watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music…because as much as I hate winter, I LOVE Christmas. Tonight, I’ll watch “The Grinch,” “Elf,” and “Love Actually.” :) Life is good.



~ by etau on December 1, 2010.

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