These are a Few of my Favourite Things (In Milwaukee!)

…yeah, I’m British sometimes. You wanna fight about it? :)

So, I realized that I’m significantly less miserable here if I’m spending my time planning my move back to Milwaukee. So, I’ve been spending every free minute job hunting and apartment hunting in Milwaukee. It just makes it all seem real that I’ll finally be back HOME.

Now, my friends who live in or are from Chicago and the surrounding areas don’t get this. There is this almost sibling rivalry between Milwaukee and Chicago. Chicagoans calling Milwaukee “Chicago Jr.” “Chicago’s Hat” or “Chicago’s Largest Suburb.” Milwaukeeans bashing how corrupt, dirty, and overrated Chicago is. WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? Chicago will always have a huge piece of my heart. I love that city. It’s just not where I’m supposed to be right now.

So I have people in Chicago giving me crap about moving back to Milwaukee. They don’t understand what Milwaukee has to offer. So, for their benefit, and so I can stop repeating myself, I have compiled a list of my favorite things in Milwaukee.


1. AJ Bombers
2. Comet Cafe
3. Wicked Hop
4. Cafe Hollander
5. Red Dot
(I don’t know if these next two “count” as restaurants, but how could I leave them out??)
6. Streetza Pizza
7. Pita Brothers


1. Foundation Pub
2. BarNone
3. Nessun Dorma
4. The Harp
5. Y-Not II
6. Lucille’s Rockin’ Piano Bar
7. Frank’s Power Plant (I haven’t actually been here YET, but it’s becoming Evan’s favorite bar and I want to go SO badly…I figured I needed to add it!)


1. Milwaukee Art Museum
2. Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
3. Pabst Theatre/Riverside Theatre/Turner Ballroom
4. Milwaukee Repertory Theatre
5.  The Rave/Eagle’s Ballroom (it’s a hit or miss, but if you catch a local band in the Eagle’s Club, it’ll be a fun show!)

Events and Festivals

1. Jazz in the Park!
2. Summer Soulstice
3. Summerfest (It can be overrated, and you have to battle the drunken crowds of sweaty people, but you have to go at least once)
4. Bastille Days
5. You know what? Milwaukee summers are just FULL of festivals. Go to to stay updated. But a lot are free and so much fun :)

And if that isn’t enough, the lake is in your backyard. Yes, I know the lake is in Chicago too…but I never really got to “experience” Lake Michigan in Chicago because I lived too far away. If you have to drive there and make a “trip” out of it, it’s not in your backyard. When you can, on a whim, grab a 6-pack of Bell’s Oberon and walk down to the lake at 11pm, that’s another story :)

Will I always love Chicago? Yes. Of course.
But I’ve recently fallen in love with Milwaukee.

~ by etau on June 28, 2010.

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  1. I love this blog. Tau, how appropriate ;-)

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