Chelsea Dagger

the nice thing about currently living in illinois?

being in illinois when the blackhawks win the stanley cup.

i was supposed to go downtown last night to watch the game, but decided to do the “responsible” thing and just stay in the area. after all, i DID have to work in the morning.  it ended up being a lot of fun though. went to a friend’s house with some people i went to high school with to watch the game, grill out, and have a couple beers.

it’s a weird feeling…being in the SAME places with the SAME people you went to high school with. it almost feels like you’re back in high school, and not like you’re all 5+ years out of high school and working “real” jobs. i don’t really feel like i’ve grown up. it’s strange.


congrats to the 2010 blackhawks. stanley cup winners. chicago is proud of you. i know i couldn’t stop celebrating last night.  you guys deserve it. i love this team.


~ by etau on June 10, 2010.

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