times they are a-changin’

so, i decided i wanted to pick up blogging again. so, i’m changing the theme of this blog. (and eventually i’ll get around to changing the banner. give me a minute to get photoshop installed onto my beautiful, new 15″ macbook pro!)

new blog chronicles the life of a college graduate who moves back in with her parents (for only a few months…for the sake of her sanity) to save money. lots of people have to do it. especially in this economy. it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do. it may kill my sanity, but that’s to be expected. when you’re [almost] 22 years old and you move back in with your parents, get ready to be treated as if you never left high school…

tomorrow i start my first day at my wonderfully exciting [PAID] summer internship. im going to be doing social media marketing for a chain of restaurants. i suppose i’ll find out more tomorrow! i’m nervous because i HATE first days at a new job. always so awkward and uncomfortable. but hopefully i fit in well.

i think my parents might be more nervous than i am. my father actually went on google maps to see a street view of the building im working in. and i think he asked me at least 10 times which route i’m taking to get there in the morning. my mother keeps asking me what i’m going to wear. if i wasn’t nervous before, my parents’ anxiety would be making me nervous.

i love my parents for caring, but if i can’t dress myself and get myself to work on time, i probably shouldn’t have a job. or have graduated for that matter…

but for now, it is time for bed. have to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for tomorrow! ::deep breath::


~ by etau on June 7, 2010.

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