Last Call…

This is my last post for the purpose of the college course that I was writing for. It’s potentially one of my last posts forever, because I’ll be leaving my job (and this city…) for a job that pertains to my degree.

I really enjoyed writing this blog; documenting my experiences and airing my feelings about working in the service industry. As a Public Relations major, I find that I’m often stuck into writing in strict AP style…so it was nice to get to write creatively, in my own voice.

I have my Twitter followers to thank for the, albeit short, success of this blog. Sending my posts directly to my Twitter feed definitely increased the traffic and comments to my blog. If I could change anything, I would have become more engaged in other similar blogs to attract those readers and potentially create a community with bloggers who share my same interests. Oh well, live and learn. Maybe for my NEXT blog…

Maybe once I’ve graduated and have more time to devote to this, I’ll take up blogging again. Keep an eye out. I may just revamp this blog in a couple weeks. Thanks for following and reading. You guys made this what it was for me.


~ by etau on May 5, 2010.

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