and THIS is why I don’t go on blind dates…

Remember the first blind date? The girl who had to go to the not-so-classy bar? Well her friend who was with her came back in to my bar the other night…The first words out of her mouth?

“Oh my gosh. You were here the night my friend was going on that date, right?? …Want to know what happened?”

Um, of COURSE I want to know!

So, the girl shows up at the bar to meet her blind date. He suggests playing some “getting to know you” game. Basically the rules are that if someone guesses correctly, they get to decided what they do. The result?

“So I ended up making out with this guy who I just met…in the middle of a bar. NOT my normal behavior…”

eek.  So, after a couple hours of these “fun” activities, he explains that he has to go take care of some business, but he suggests that they meet back up later in the evening. (Her internal response? NO WAY.)

Later in the night, he calls her and tries to come over. She politely declines…multiples times due to his persistence…and that is that.

TURNS OUT, she finds out later while talking to a friend, that someone she had known had this EXACT same date with this guy.  He schedules two dates for one night, goes on both, (plays the “getting-to-know-you” game) and decides who he wants to spend the night with…skeezy.

So, people who are going in blind dates, BE CAREFUL. Chances are he’s not prince charming.

ew. ew. ew. ::shudders::


~ by etau on April 29, 2010.

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