Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name

…and they’re always glad you came.

Today’s post is dedicated to “the regulars.”

I work at a bar/restaurant that has A LOT of regulars. We’ve built a great community, and it’s always great to see some of your favorite, most loyal customers come through the door. You know your business has something special when your customers and staff greet each other with a hug. We have hundreds (well, maybe not HUNDREDS, but easily ONE hundred!) advocates for the business and the brand.  They’re what made and keep the restaurant successful.

I was behind the bar the other day (and serving too…the restaurant was my oyster!) and I had a full bar and a table or two.  I was looking around and realized that I knew EVERYONE who was in the restaurant.  Whether they were my friends who I “forced” to come in (Who am I kidding? They come in even when I’m NOT working. They’ve BECOME regulars!) or some of our regulars, they were all people who I’ve had many conversations with and who know a substantial amount about my life (and vice versa!).

So here’s to the regulars. Those people who I don’t even have to ask their drink order.  Who ask about an exam I took, paper I wrote, or interview I had because they remember details about my life.  Who I know will be sitting at the end of the bar every Friday at noon for lunch, without fail. I love my job for many reasons. We have a great staff, great management and ownership, a fun environment, and YOU. Not only are you friendly people, great tippers ;) and loyal customers, you are a great support system to have.

Thank you.


~ by etau on April 24, 2010.

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