You’re So Vain…

…you probably think this post is about you. (wow, I’m clever. ha.)

So tonight at my bar, I had a group of five people walk in and sit down. They looked like a down-trodden version of the cast of Jersey Shore. (and that isn’t typically the demographic of the bar…) Now, in general, I don’t think the whole “guido” look is a good one….

…but a chubby guido? I mean, at least “The Situation” had those abs to look at…

But I digress.

At the end of the bar was a guy sitting alone watching the Blackhawks game (by the way, GO HAWKS!). Him and I ended up talking all night…and we both watched as one of the “guidettes” started taking pictures of herself…for, like, 10 straight minutes. And then moved on to taking pictures of her WITH other people.

This sparked the conversation of dumb things people do when they’re taking their picture…

The first? The “duckface.” This is what this particular girl was doing in EVERY picture. I don’t understand why girls think this is a good look…

By the way…photo courtesy of one of my favorite tumblr sites called “Stop Making That Duckface!” :)

The Second? The Peace Sign. I blame Miley Cyrus for this one. Girls, Miley Cyrus is NOT a good role model. Stop trying to be like her. And stop imitating her peace sign in every picture…

The Third? The “gang sign” picture. I don’t understand what it is about these tiny white girls throwing up gang signs in their pictures and trying to look tough. Darling, you grew up in suburbia. You probably wouldn’t make it 10 minutes if you were to actually go in the ghetto. You’re not really fooling anyone…

(note, the “gang sign” picture is typically paired with the “duckface” face…)

And finally my new friend at the bar’s biggest pet peeve? The “Charlie’s Angels” pose. “What do all girls do when they’re in a group of three? The damn Charlie’s Angels pose. I don’t know why I hate it so much. Maybe just because EVERYONE does it…”

Moral of the story? Stop being so vain and taking pictures of yourself all the time. And when you’re out at a bar, enjoy the company of the people you’re with rather than spending all your time taking pictures of yourself. And please, for the love of god, stop throwing fake gang signs, making dumb faces, trying to be miley cyrus, or pretending you’re an international spy. You’re not fooling anyone.

Oh, and you can make some great friends with bar guests by bonding over sports, alma maters, and shared pet peeves.


~ by etau on April 23, 2010.

One Response to “You’re So Vain…”

  1. The peace sign pose is my least favourite. And, the Duckface?! What is wrong with girls?

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