Dear Girls…

This time I’m taking it from a different perspective. I was hanging at my friend’s bar the other night. It was a slow night so it was just the two of us talking, and we got on the topic of girls, girlfriends, and how they can be crazy.

I’ve said it before…my favorite part about bartending is watching how people interact with each other. (maybe I should have studied anthropology or sociology in college?) My friend and I were talking about how girlfriends interact with their boyfriends and his friends.

Now, my bar-owner friend (let’s call her J, for clarification purposes) is a lot like me, personality wise. Very outgoing, personable, affectionate, and friendly…and associates with more male friends than female.
She had a male friend of hers come in to her bar and he brought his new girlfriend. J walks up to her friend, says hello, gives him a hug, and turns her attention to the girlfriend.

“Hey I’m J! It’s so great to meet you! I’ve heard a lot about you!”

Girlfriend’s response:

(in a cold, monotone, voice with a bit of an edge) “yeah. I’ve heard a lot about you too.” (through gritted teeth and a death stare.)

Girlfriend then spends the rest of the evening taking shots of top-shelf tequila and not tipping my friend one dime.

…Really? Ladies, come on. Trust your boyfriend. Have confidence in your relationship. And stop projecting yourself as such a bitch. We’re better than that. And think about it, your boyfriend’s friends’ opinions DO matter to him. When he goes home that night and calls up his friends and says “So, what’d you think about [girlfriend]?” and their response is “She was kind of a bitch.” …Well, chances are you’re not sticking around much longer.

So, darling. Smile a bit. Have some fun. (Seriously. It’s okay to have fun.) Try to get along with your boyfriend’s friends. Or get to know someone before deciding that you’re not going to be nice to them. Unless something happens, don’t create a problem where there isn’t one.

Oh, and not tipping the bartender because she is a female friend of your boyfriend is probably not the best idea either…


~ by etau on April 20, 2010.

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