Love is Blind…so are some dates.

Blind Date #2…

This could have been a cute “missed connection” story on Craigslist…if the people in the story were, well, “meant to be.”

Girl sits down at a table at a bar. Orders a beer. (Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, if I remember correctly) Says she’s waiting for a friend, pulls out a book and reads.

Man walks into a bar. Sits down at the bar with his back to the door and the tables in the bar. Orders a beer. (PBR, I believe) Watches Sportcenter on the TVs.

25 minutes pass.

Girl decides to leave. Says that she thinks she has been stood up. With a heavy heart, gathers up her book, sips down the rest of her beer, and heads for the door.

5 minutes later, man gets a phone call. Leaves the bar. Reenters WITH girl. They sit at the bar.

Now, they could have laughed off the miscommunication:

“hahaha, oh wow! We were both here and didn’t even know it! How funny! I can’t believe we sat here for 25 minutes, both thinking we’d been stood up!”

But no. Instead it went something like this:

“You were sitting here at the bar with your back to the door the entire time? How was I supposed to know that was you? Did you think I was just going to walk up to ever dark-haired man in this bar and ask if it was you? …Buy me a beer. It’s the least you could do at this point.”

Now, I have to give this man props for sticking around. If I were him, I would have left after hearing that comment. Why waste your time with someone who doesn’t want to be there?

Instead, he stuck around. They ordered food, beer. Both staring straight ahead and not speaking. Welcome to the most awkward first date ever.

I’m pretty certain there was NOT a second date.

Moral of the story? It’s a life lesson, really. How do YOU approach less-than-ideal situations? Do you smile and laugh it off? Let the little things go and enjoy yourself despite the circumstances? Or do you hold grudges, take your anger out on other people, and refuse to let go of your sour mood? …If you’re the second person, try the first option. It’ll make your life happier. I promise.

~ by etau on April 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Love is Blind…so are some dates.”

  1. A good solution is to yell “FUCK IT, I’LL DO IT LIVE!” At least that’s how I roll

  2. Brutal. How did you manage to watch this little drama unfold without laughing?

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