Tis the Season of Blind Dates

The other day I witnessed TWO blind date situations. Can I start off by saying that I’m pretty sure I would never go on a blind date? Typically “Yeah, I have this single friend who would be GREAT for you!” just means “I have two single friends who should date, even though they have nothing in common.” and he’s single for a reason. (read: excessive stuffed animal collection. Picks his nose in public…and eats the findings. Still lives with his mother…even though he’s 40…and she gives him baths.) Maybe I’m a romantic somewhere deep down, but when I want the story of us meeting to be something cute or at least worth telling. Not “a friend set us up and we had an uncomfortable first encounter.” Just saying…

Anyway, the first was a group of three people who came in. One of the girls mentioned that she only had half an hour and then turned to her friends and said “…but I can be late, right?” to which her friends agreed. She looked miserable and her friends seemed to find a lot of amusement in her misery. I finally asked where she was off to after she left my bar…

She had been set up on a blind date, who she was supposed to meet at 6 that evening. He chose the place…and it wasn’t exactly the…classiest bar around. Needless to say she wasn’t too thrilled. I grabbed her another beer and then bought her a shot. Figured she might need it. I wonder what ever happened on that date…

Moral of date one? The place you choose for a date speaks VOLUMES about your character. It’s making an impression before you even meet your date. The girl in this situation was already dreading the date before she even left for it. Didn’t exactly put her date in a good place off the bat…

Think about what impression you’re making. If you want to impress, choosing the least-classy bar on the block…won’t accomplish that goal…

Date two will come tomorrow…

~ by etau on April 16, 2010.

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